Resources on the Craft of History

Gray, Wood:
Historian's Handbook: A Key to the Study and Writing of History,
Prospect Heights/Illinois2 1991

Marius, Richard/Page, Melvin E.:
A Short Guide to Writing About History, New York4 2002

Williams, Robert Chadwell:
The Historian's Toolbox: A Student's Guide to the Theory and Craft of History, Armonk/New York, London 2003

Resources on Oral History

Brown, Cynthia S.:
Like It Was: A Complete Guide to Writing Oral History, New York 1988

Perks, Robert:
Oral History: An Annotated Bibliography, London 1999

Perks, Robert/Thomson, Alistair (eds.):
The Oral History Reader, London, New York 2000 [reprint]

Ritchie, Donald A.:
Doing Oral History (=Twayne's Oral History Series, vol. 15), New York 1995

Vorlaender, Herwart (ed.):
Oral History. Muendlich erfragte Geschichte. Acht Beitraege, Goettingen 1990

Resources on Open Space Technology

World Wide Open Space

Resources on the World Cafe

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